Puppy Orientation Part 1 – How Dogs Learn

Puppy Orientation Part 1

How Dogs Learn

Puppies Learn in Two Ways.

Learning by Association

The first way puppies learn is by Association (By Emotional Response)

Human example:

We humans learn by association, too.  For example, when you meet someone for the first time you come away with an association—either positive, negative, or neutral.  If you really enjoyed your interaction with the person, you are likely to be really happy to see them again.  If you found them to be difficult or argumentative and then you see them again, you might get that little pit of dread in your belly—you have formed a negative association with that person.

Human-puppy comparison:

Puppies experience the world this way, too, only they rely on this learning far more than we do.  They are constantly forming associations—safe, dangerous, neutral or good for me, bad for me, neutral.  These associations inform the decisions they make and the reactions they have to various situations and stimuli.

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